How to Remove Vehicle Odors

At Porsche of Kings Automall, we bet you are happier in an odor-free car. As Cincinnati, OH auto experts, we understand interior odors and how to fight them. Today, we share our smell-battling insights with you.

Smelly interiors are usually dirty, too. To fight odors, you must clean your vehicle's cabin. Remove food remnants and other trash. Vacuum your floor mats, your carpets, and your seats. For stains, use car shampoo. Once the interior is clean and dry, smell its air.

If you still detect odors, you can rely on a car-grade odor neutralizer. This specialized product type eliminates odors. By contrast, air fresheners only mask them. Spray the neutralizer anywhere you notice odors inside your car. To fight persistent odors like smoke, you may need to apply the neutralizer to your auto's climate control intakes. You will find those between your wipers and your hood. Run your interior fan during this application. Finally, with the odors removed, dab citrus oil on your carpet.

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