At Porsche of Kings Auto Mall in Cincinnati, OH we strive to educate our community about handling winter road conditions safely. Having a survival kit during small or big emergencies may help get you back on the road faster. It is important to include essential items in the front of your vehicle, instead of the trunk.

Essential items should include nonperishable foods, water, gloves, winter hats, boots, a first aid kit, medications, and blankets. If you need to leave the vehicle, an extra set of warm clothes will help you stay warm. Consider pillows, books and pet supplies if you have regular passengers.

Put gas in your car or truck regularly and monitor your fluids. Extra fluids can aid in a small emergency as well as jumper cables. Keep your lines of communication open with a portable cell phone charger! A tow rope, tire chains, ice scraper, and a shovel are all great for heavy snow.

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