A car's engine isn't "one big thing." Scores of small parts work together to ensure the vehicle operates. Various belts and hoses contribute to an engine's operational capabilities. The parts don't last forever, though. At some point, replacing them becomes unavoidable.

Follow your owner's manual's suggestions for replacing the serpentine belts. After so many thousands of miles, they become worn and cracked. Rather than experience your car stalling due to an old belt snapping, put a new one in at the recommended point. During a routine oil changes, ask the mechanic to check the belts and also the coolant hoses. A skilled technician will notice signs of obvious damage and wear.

Inspecting a timing belt, however, may not be possible. The timing belt might be inaccessible unless a mechanic removes many parts. Regardless, replace a timing belt at the recommended mileage point because a snapped timing belt can lead to a totaled engine.

Drivers in Cincinnati, OH can take all worries about belts and hoses off their shoulders. The maintenance team at Porsche of Kings Auto Mall can lend a hand when called upon.

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