It’s no fun having a tire blowout when you’re traveling, but there are things you can do to avoid and possibly prevent a tire blowout. At Porsche of Kings Auto Mall, we want you to be an informed driver who knows how to take care of your vehicle and prevent tire blowouts and similar roadside emergencies. We have some tips to offer.

Most tire blowouts occur because there is something wrong with the tire, such as a nail embedded or punctures from road hazards. Inspect your tires regularly and look for bulges, blisters or cracks in the tire. Other causes of tire blowouts are aging tires, excessive wear and misuse of the tires. In case of a tire blowout, slowly pull to the side of the road, put on emergency flashers and call for help.

If you’ve recently had a tire blowout or are in need of help with your tires, come to our dealership in Cincinnati, OH and allow us to service your vehicle.

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