Brake Fluid Service

While most drivers in Cincinnati, OH are familiar with the importance of solid brake pads and discs, the quality of the fluid is often overlooked. Brake fluid plays an integral role in the overall operation of your brakes. It's important to have the fluid checked regularly so that you can avoid costly repairs.

Every single time you apply the brakes, the hydraulic fluid flows to the brake calipers, causing it to apply pressure and slow the vehicle down. Unfortunately, brake fluid can be affected by debris and moisture. Small leaks can also prevent the fluid from flowing where it is supposed to, ultimately reducing your overall braking power.

The service team at Porsche of Kings Auto Mall can provide you with flush and exchange services. We'll examine your brakes thoroughly to diagnose issues and give you service recommendations. If your fluid needs to be swapped out, we have what it takes to get the job done efficiently.

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