Drifting from one lane to another isn't a wise idea, but distracted drivers often do this. If no one is in the other lane, the drift won't turn out disastrous. Often, however, there is another car in a blind spot. Drifting or deliberately changing lanes may lead to a crash. A blind-spot monitor could cut down on crashes.

A blind-spot monitor might not be the most thrilling technological component weaved into a car, but it ranks as one of the most valuable. The monitor sends an audio alert to a driver when a car moves in the direction of another vehicle in the next lane.

Unfortunately, a driver can't rely on vision since blind spots exist. Mirrors can't eliminate blind spots, either. A blind-spot monitor can address the situation.

See how blind-spot monitors work for yourself while going on a test drive in Cincinnati, OH. At Porsche of Kings Auto Mall, our new and used models come packed with technological features including the monitors.

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