You can't say cold weather comes without warning. If you live in a region known for harsh winters, cold weather is a given. To discover a dead battery, however, might be a surprise. Car batteries do experience changes during extreme temperatures, be they hot or cold ones.

Temperatures that drop below-22 degrees Fahrenheit cause a decrease in battery acid. The decrease creates problems, as does the increased draw required to startup the car. All these things come together to kill a battery in the winter.

Scorching temperatures aren't suitable for batteries, either. Hot temperature impact on acid can drain life from a battery. Repeated exposure to hot seasons dramatically cuts down on battery life. Heat also causes problems with electrolytes, which also isn't a net positive for batteries.

If you live in Cincinnati, OH, make sure to get your car battery checked out. The service department at Porsche of Kings Automall can do that for you.

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