Your car's fuel system plays an important role in how well your vehicle drives. If the fuel system is not working properly, your car will not drive properly. Here are some warning signs that you may need to schedule a service or repair of your car's fuel system.

One of the biggest indicators that your car needs service is a loss of gas mileage. If the relief valve in the fuel pump is faulty, it will allow too much gas to flow into your car's engine, which results in a loss of gas mileage. Additionally, if your car is sputtering when you try to start your engine, you may not be getting enough fuel to create the spark you need to start the motor. Several components in the fuel system could cause this problem. Surging and a loss of power are other signs of a faulty fuel system.

If you believe your fuel system needs service, schedule an appointment at Porsche of Kings Automall.

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