Keep Your Car Running in Cold Weather with These Tips

Winter weather and low temperatures can be hard on a vehicle. That's a big reason why you need to take care of your car even in the dead of winter. Here are some winter car care tips to help keep your vehicle in good working order.

Keep your lights shining bright. Replace any burnt-out bulbs. If your headlights are yellowed or dim, consider replacing them or restoring them. Batteries don't like cold weather. They drain faster in cold weather. If you are having problems starting your car on cold mornings, get a volt test performed at the dealership. If the battery isn't charging properly, let us replace it so you won't get stranded.

Make sure your radiator has plenty of coolant. It helps keep the engine from freezing when temperatures dip too low. Stop by the service department at Porsche of Kings Automall in Cincinnati, OH. We're happy to help get your car ready for winter.

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