Buying a Dog-Friendly Vehicle

If you are a dog owner, you know how much most dogs like to go on car rides. When you take your best friend out for a spin, it's important that there are dog-friendly features in your vehicle. Porsche of Kings Automall in Cincinnati, OH would like you to consider these dog-friendly features when you are looking for your next vehicle.

Dogs can track mud and dirt into a vehicle, so you will want to look for a vehicle that has all-season floor mats that are easy to clean. It is also important to look for vehicles that have seat materials that are easy to clean-off and vacuum.

Your dog needs to be comfortable and cool when riding around. Consider purchasing a vehicle that has climate vents that direct into the rear seat or the cargo area. Vehicles with sunshades are a good option as these keep the hot sun from shining in on your dog.

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