When Does Your Ignition System Need Servicing?

When a car does not start, usually we think the battery is the issue. It could be the starter or ignition system. There are some things to look for that point in the direction of this being the problem, and they all require the help of a professional to get fixed. One of these is a grinding noise. This noise comes when the starter drive is not operating properly or is actually wearing out. This can damage the flywheel.

If there is a whining noise and the engine does not crank over, then this is called freewheeling. This means that the starter gear and the flywheel are not working together properly. This can also cause damage. If you see smoke, that is never a good thing. There could be several ignition problems for this to happen. If this is the case, then a professional needs to fix this problem.

The starter can also be located near the place where oil might leak. Due to this, if oil does leak on to the starter, it can greatly reduce the life of the starter. Lastly, if the solenoid is not working properly, then the ignition will not work. This is because the solenoid sends an electrical current from the battery to the starter motor. These show that there are numerous ways that the ignition or starter can affect the ability to start a car.

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