If you have ever had a brake pedal that sticks or feels mushy, then your brake system probably needs to be repaired. Brake systems are complex and can require a variety of different repairs. The most common failures are in the hydraulic system which would require replacing parts like master cylinders and calipers. If you notice any of these signs it is important to get your brakes inspected by our service team at Porsche Cincinnati Kings in Cincinnati, OH as soon as possible!

Your Brake Pedal Feels Mushy or Sticks in Place

When you press the brake pedal, there should be resistance on the way down and very little pressure once your foot reaches its full travel distance. If your pedal feels mushy when pressed down this means that there is air in the system which will bubble up into the lines and cause your breaks to feel very soft. Another sign of air in the system is a hissing sound that can be heard from inside or outside the vehicle.

Your Brake Lights Flash or Stay On

If your brake lights are flashing it could mean that you have a problem with the brake light switch. This switch is located on the brake pedal and sends signals to the dash lights that there is pressure being applied to the pedal.

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