There are several reasons that can cause overheating in your engine. It is important to determine the cause of overheating in order to fix your engine with our service team here at Porsche Cincinnati Kings in Cincinnati, OH.

When the coolant runs out it can cause overheating. Cooling system leaks can also cause overheating. Coolant leaks will be (green, blue, or orange) depending upon the type of coolant that is used in your car. A broken water pump can cause overheating. Issues with the fans can cause the radiator to remove less heat, resulting in overheating. When the oil is too low it can cause overheating (motor oil helps to regulate the car's overall temperature). A broken thermostat will eventually lead to overheating. Any issues with "); border-bottom: 1px solid transparent;" >belts and hoses can cause overheating. When the heater core is clogged up it can cause overheating.

While it is good to determine the reason behind overheating, it is also beneficial to try and simply prevent overheating.

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